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Sula School 1907

Founded in 1897, the Sula Schoolhouse was built by local ranchers so their children would have a safe learning environment. It was in use until 1936, when the Darby School was opened, and children attended there. Since then, its' only use has been as hay storage for the local ranchers. The school was in serious disrepair, but has now been restored.

In 1985, the Sula Community Historical Society was formed to raise funds to maintain the Schoolhouse. In 2011, a group of dedicated volunteers got together to fix up the Schoolhouse. With $9000 in the bank, and a lot of volunteer hours, the School got a new look.  Repairs were made to the floors, walls, ceiling, roof, windows and outside. The Job Corp painted the outside, and thru local donations we were able to accomplish the work for just under what was raised over the years. 

The Schoolhouse is now safe to enter and is open to the public for viewing.  While upkeep is by volunteers, the funds to upkeep the School if repairs come up are thru donations.  If you would like to support the Sula Schoolhouse and its history for the Community and all who visit, we appreciate your support. 


Original photo taken of a class in 1907 

Start of Project - Early 2011


The school eventually became a hay storage building and was in need of repairs and maintenance. Neighbors got together in 2011 to fix up the School. 


Completion - Sept. 2011 

Floors, ceiling, windows, walls, safe to enter and view. 

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